About Us

Founded in 2003, Minerva Medica, LLC, is a woman-owned business offering healthy solutions for resourceful and vibrant women of all ages. For more than ten years Minerva Medica has continued to grow through word of mouth from our amazing clients.


Minerva Medica, LLC, grew out of a solution for women seeking a way to purchase disposable vaginal applicators separately. Most vaginal creams and capsules come with only one applicator that must be re-used through the course of a treatment. Affordable, high-quality, U.S.-made personal disposable applicators are still not stocked in most pharmacies. Nurses and gynecologists confirmed with Minerva Medica that they heard from many women who had looked for, but failed to find, a reliable, trusted source for vaginal applicators in volume.

Information found on Minerva Medica, LLC, website is for consumer education use only, and not to be considered as, or a substitute for, a physician's or health care professional's treatment, diagnosis or advice.

NOTE: Minerva Medica, LLC, supplies a Delivery Device with generic markings. The GM stands for gram and therefore stands for weight. Based on that, the specific gravity of the vaginal cream has an effect on the location of the dosage mark. The customer assumes responsibility for correct dispensing dosage as per their prescription from their health care provider and medical product producer.