Priceless! Thank you Minerva

“As a chronic sufferer of urinary tract infections, I have always sought out vaginal products with individual applicators to avoid the unsanitary washing of the single applicator. When my doctor prescribed a compounded vaginal suppository, I went looking on the Internet for a vendor of applicators and found none! In desperation, I raised my concern to my gyn who recommended Minerva. What a lifesaver! Service is personal, delivery prompt and discreet, and pricing affordable (although the product itself is priceless)! Thank you Minerva, for  providing a service that helps sensitive users such as myself get sanitary and safe results.”

B.L., Miami

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NOTE: Minerva Medica, LLC, supplies a Delivery Device with generic markings. The GM stands for gram and therefore stands for weight. Based on that, the specific gravity of the vaginal cream has an effect on the location of the dosage mark. The customer assumes responsibility for correct dispensing dosage as per their prescription from their health care provider and medical product producer.